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Only You

Inspired: Stronger with you only
Brand: Armani

AED 75.00

Top Notes: Grapefruit
Middle Notes: : Lavender and Geranium
Base Notes: Vanilla, Chestnut and Labdanum


  • 50ml

The longevity and sillage amounts are depend on many factors, such as climate, cloth materials, and the number of sprays.


Only you, an exceptional fragrance embraces a journey of masculinity, power, and courage. Only You is a harmonious blend of amber and spice, capturing the invigorating essence of grapefruit, the aromatic allure of lavender and the exquisite vanilla.

It’s an unmistakable, sensual fragrance that takes you through a captivating olfactory experience. The journey begins with the crisp notes of fresh grapefruit oil, followed by the aromatic embrace of lavender, seamlessly blending with the floral touch of geranium for a refreshing and clean effect. As the fragrance unfolds, experience the enchanting allure of premium vanilla, leaving you with a captivating and sexy feeling that lingers long after the initial application.

Only you is our impression of Armani’s stronger with you only.


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  • 50ml