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Erba Pura

Inspired: Erba Pura
Brand: Xerjoff

AED 75.00

Top Notes: Sicilian Orange, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian Lemon
Middle Notes: Fruits
Base Notes: White Musk, Madagascar Vanilla and Amber


  • 50ml

The longevity and sillage amounts are depend on many factors, such as climate, cloth materials, and the number of sprays.


Erba Pura, translating to “Pure Grass,” is a fragrance perfectly suited for the rejuvenating vibes of spring and summer. Its initial burst unfolds with the invigorating essence of Italian citrus fruits. The fragrance gracefully evolves, with a foundation built upon amber and vanilla, culminating in a sweet and appetizing finish that complements the delightful beginning.

An olfactory journey of joyful fruits and the crispness of fresh Sicilian citrus, Erba Pure is a masterfully and delicately composed scent. Its warm, fluid, and fresh notes blend seamlessly, creating a fragrance that captures the essence of vitality and natural purity

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  • 50ml