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Inspired: Le Male Elixir
Brand: Jean Paul Gaultier

AED 75.00

Top Notes:Lavender and Mint
Middle Notes: Vanilla and Benzoin
Base Notes: Honey, Tonka Bean and Tobacco


  • 50ml

The longevity and sillage amounts are depend on many factors, such as climate, cloth materials, and the number of sprays.


Blaze creates a hot feeling with every spritz. The smell of this woody, sweet, and spicy perfume makes people really want it. It’s like a magical feeling. This perfume has a strong smell of wood, sweet amber, and spices. It makes you feel warm and excited. It’s like a mix of sweet lavender, tropical tonka bean, and a spicy smell called benzoin. There’s also a fresh smell of mint and bergamot. When you wear it, you feel ready for anything and filled with desire.

Blaze is inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Elixir

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50ML, 30ML, 5ML


  • 50ml